Libero Hellenic Register

Member of LiberoGroup, Libero Hellenic Register offers classification services internationally to the yacht and small craft market.  LHR’s key strengths are precision and business insight. We believe that for every business, compliance is the key factor in the reduction of risk and cost and the improvement of efficiency, safety, and environmental protection.


Driven by our purpose for protecting life, property and the environment, we strive to improve safety, ensure quality and add value to our yacht clients at every stage, from design to construction, operation and resale.


With head office located in Piraeus, Greece, and constant expansion and training of our surveyor network, we seek to reinforce our position in the global marine industry.

Our staff consists of competent and experienced marine surveyors and auditors who attend regular refresh training via our E-learning platform, in order to improve their performance and remain up-to-date with the industry’s standards.

LHR has a certified Quality Management System by UK Accredited Certification Body for its activities as per the international standard ISO 9001:2015.



LiberoGroup (LG) is an engineering, technical, management systems certification body and training provider that operates in a local and international level, delivers excellent quality of marine, certification and training services and contributes every day in matters of safety, security, environmental protection and regulatory compliance.

LG is constituted by a robust team of experts aiming to deliver high quality services in the maritime and industrial sectors. Specifically, our services are based on six pillars that correspond to the following distinct divisions:

  1. Classification and Statutory services (trading as Libero Hellenic Register);
  2. Naval-Mechanical-Electrical and other Technical studies (trading as LiberoServices);
  3. Accredited Certification of Management Systems & Industrial Services (trading as LiberoAssurance);
  4. Accredited Training (trading as LiberoAssurance);
  5. International Projects & Tendering (trading as LiberoServices);
  6. Ship and Yacht Registration and Seafarers Certification services under various Flag Administrations like Greece, Palau, Togo, Panama, Sierra Leone and others acting either as Deputy Registrars, Agents or representatives.

The success of our company having global operations depends on the trust across all levels and business environment. The business model of our company is governed by the following principles:

  • All people involved must provide the best coordinated support to every client
  • Each Partner is strongly committed to the Targets and Policies of the Company
  • Protection of Human Life and Environment
  • Confidentiality towards our clients
  • Best Management Practices and Methodologies applied
  • Advanced Technologies & Computerized Procedures are used to facilitate our efforts.

Our recommendations and support are based on the experience gained from the following fields:

  • Service in Ministry of Mercantile Marine – Hellenic Coast Guard applying National & International regulations and activities and by representing the Hellenic Ministry to IMO / IMSO / ILO / EC & NATO meetings.
  • Participation in international projects like Uganda maritime Administration Design, and in the Albanian Maritime Administration training program.
  • Shore Installation studies like St. Nikolaos Solar Village.
  • Interconnection Study of Greek (Cyclades) Islands.

Full project list is available upon request.

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