We are committed to provide responsive long-term classification services and help you achieve effective safety management for your yachts, operational effectiveness, efficiency and safety for life, property, and the environment. We will always be here to support you and together we will take a step closer to your goals.

Our Services

Managing risks effectively is fundamental to achieve your ultimate goals. By applying LHR classification Rules you will be able to build your confidence in managing and identifying operational risks effectively. When under risk, our qualified and well-experienced surveyors will be there to provide direct support, proactive solutions, alternatives and their implications and will carefully assist you through the whole process of compliance.

LHR key services are:

  • Classification for both newbuilding projects and fleet in service
  • Statutory surveys and certification on behalf of flag administrations, in accordance with international Codes and Conventions – such as MARPOL, SOLAS, ISM, ISPS and MLC
  • Newbuilding project management
  • Condition and evaluation surveys
  • Plan approval

Through our technical expertise, we offer classification surveys throughout a vessels lifecycle, to address on time potential issues and advise you on the condition of your vessel. Our classification strategy aims to assist you manage your yachts to their full potential.

How Does Classification Work?

Applying the published Rules, the classification process consists of:

  • A technical review of the design plans for a new vessel to verify compliance with the applicable Rules
  • Attendance by a LHR surveyor:
    • At the construction shipyard
    • At the relevant production facilities that provide key components
    • At sea trials and other trials relating to the vessel and its equipment prior to delivery to verify conformance with the applicable Rule requirements
  • Certificate of classification is issued upon successful completion of the inspections in compliance with the Rules

Once in service, the owner must submit the vessel to periodical onboard class surveys to verify that the ship continues to meet the relevant Rule requirements.

Why choose LHR?

The essence of our strategy is very simple; build expertise, focus on quality, ensure safety, aim for compliance, keep our clients satisfied.

With a team of competent surveyors we aim to deliver direct, convenient and reliable classification services in compliance with the Rules.

By applying a systematic approach, with respect to customer’s demands and regulatory requirements, we provide constant support to our customers and effective solutions tailored to their needs.The benefits you can get from our services are:

  • Cost effective solutions with respect to your financial and business goals
  • Direct and reliable support to adapt effectively to the dynamic market
  • Constant 24/7 worldwide support
  • Port State Control support and awareness training to minimize the risk of detentions
  • Team of experts in the maritime, energy, management system and software industry dedicated to improve the quality of your operations
  • Libero Accredited CPD Training Centre: access our range of training courses developed by experts in the field of maritime industry

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