Plan approval

For construction and classification of all newbuilding projects, we offer plan approval in order to ensure the vessel is in line with the rules and the industry’s safety and quality standards.

For class certificate, document approval and the completion of a newbuilding survey are mandatory. LHR plan approval team, guides you through the design and construction processes, with primary concern the ship’s performance. Via plan approval, we recognize critical construction and maintenance points and we help you ensure that your design is safe, and robust.

To ensure the vessel’s deign is compliant with the international regulations and LHR Rules, the main vessel drawings must be reviewed. For future reference copies of the final approved plans are maintained throughout the vessel’s lifetime.

Newbuilding project management

For all newbuilding projects we offer management services, always carried out efficiently with compliance to safety and quality. Being the link between you and the shipyard we can add real value to your assets.

The ever-changing international regulations that new vessels need to comply with have increased the complexity of newbuilding projects. Being at the forefront of these changes, we deliver proactive and flexible services to meet our customer’s needs.

As a project manager, Libero Hellenic Register applies effective methodologies to ensure timely and safe vessel delivery. During project management, we ensure that every task and process is completed with absolute transparency. Our enthusiastic newbuilding management team, operating worldwide, is proficient in handling and giving valuable advice throughout the entire project.

Choose Libero Hellenic Register to support your newbuilding project in all phases of design and construction with:

  • Well-experienced professionals who operate internationally
  • Direct project management, control and supervision
  • Effective performance that ensures timely vessel delivery
  • Smooth processes through precise responsibility allocation and direct communication
  • Complete transparency of processes via constant status and progress monitoring


Newbuilding surveys

Rely on us for proactive classification and statutory services for all yacht newbuilding projects.

We are here to ensure that your vessel is being constructed accordance with all the rules and regulations relevant to its type.

Our primary aim is to protect life, property and the environment throughout the entire construction process, through compliance with all applicable rules and regulations

Each part of the ship included in the rules and international regulations is inspected by our proficient surveyors. To ensure compliance with the rules, the surveyors conduct inspections and tests during construction and sea trails, and also examine and approve the shipyard’s manufacturing, construction, control and qualification procedures.

Newbuilding surveys:

  • Hull structures and structural outfittings
  • Electrical systems and automation
  • Piping systems Engines and generators, propulsion and steering systems
  • Material and welding approvals
  • Stability, load line and tonnage
  • Fire-fighting systems and structural fire protection
  • Environmental protection
  • Cargo handling systems
  • Lifting appliances


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