Libero Hellenic Register provides approval for seafarer recruitment & placement service providers, in line with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC, 2006). The approval confirms the company’s conformance with the standards set forth in Regulation 1.4 (Recruitment and Placement) of the MLC 2006 which was adopted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in 2006 to help ensure the safety and protect the rights of seafarers.

The MLC 2006 requires that ship-owners who make use of seafarer recruitment and placement services in countries or territories that have not adopted the MLC, to confirm that their service providers are in conformance with convention standards. At the same time, calls for greater professionalism and increased quality are driving the demand for third party certification in the global manning industry.

In order assist both ship-owners and recruitment & placement service providers in their efforts to comply with the new convention, Libero Hellenic Register has developed a new certification standard, as well as approval procedures for verifying the MLC compliance of seafarer recruitment and placement providers.

An official certificate will be issued upon successful evaluation of the seafarer recruitment and placement agency.

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