During the application process, LiberoAssurance gathers from an authorised representative of the client the following information (as a minimum):

  • The desired scope of the certification
  • The general features of the applicant organisation, including its name and address(es) of its physical location(s), significant aspects of its processes and operations, and any relevant legal obligations.
  • General information, relevant to certification activities applied for, concerning the applicant organisation, such as its activities, human and technical resources, functions and relationship in a larger corporation

You are invited to fill in and return via post or email the attached application form.



Download this file (WF_2500_Application 12 EN.doc)Application for ISO Certification EN[Application for ISO Certification EN]182 kB
Download this file (WF_2500_Application 12 GR.doc)Αίτηση Πιστοποίησης ISO[Αίτηση Πιστοποίησης ISO]192 kB


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